Who Should Consider Getting a Hair Transplant?

I’m 22 years old and I started losing my hair at 18. The hair at my hairline has really thinned out. I was wondering if a hair transplant would be a suitable option for me. Who makes for a good candidate for hair transplants and should consider getting one done?

Daniel Gottschalk, Germany 10 Nov 2017

The key to answering the question of if someone is a good candidate for a hair restoration treatment is to assess what their hair loss pattern is. After hair has been transplanted it won’t fall out but a patient’s original hair will continue to be lost.

With someone as young as you are, it’s hard to assess what the eventual pattern of hair loss may be and having a hair transplant done now may lead to an unwanted appearance as natural hair loss occurs.

You may want to consider having a small transplant done to give the hairline some extra density, but understand that as the hair loss progresses you will likely need additional treatments.

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