Turkey The New Leader in Hair Restoration

20 Jun 2017
Turkey The New Leader in Hair Restoration

People strive daily to fit into a society that values physical appearance. Hair loss is one of the major struggles they battle every day.

While some women experience hair thinning and baldness, the majority of sufferers are men. While it may be the norm for older men to lose their hair, it does not affect them emotionally any less. Whether it is male pattern baldness, simple thinning or from some health deficiency, the outcome is the same: embarrassment and concern.

Improve Your Life with Hair Transplants

More people than ever before want a solution to their hair problems that are both cost effective and perfectly safe. Clinics in Turkey that specialize in hair transplants are filling both roles.

When people get hair restoration in Turkey, they can regain the confident feelings of their youth and feel attractive once more. These trained doctors know the latest techniques in hair transplant surgery and treatments.

At a fraction of the cost of procedures in other countries, hair transplant in Turkey are conducted with the same top of the line equipment in relaxed atmospheres. Your privacy and comfort is always assured.

Introducing a Hair Loss Treatment Specialist

One doctor on the cutting edge of hair transplants is Dr. Alp Aslan. His particular skill is combined with the latest technology to perform procedures. Assisted by an educated and professional team, he is an excellent choice for hair loss treatments.

Hair transplants are custom tailored to an individual’s needs. Overall health, the texture and length of the hair and how much hair loss exists are all taken into account. The doctor also discusses the patient’s goals when it comes to their appearance.

The personal attention establishes a relationship built on trust and comfort so that the patient has the most rewarding experience possible.

Dr. Aslan’s Hair Loss Treatment Specialties:

Beard Hair Transplant

Eyebrow Transplant

Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT)

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)

Hair Loss Surgery for Women

Strip Surgery Scar Repair

When you finally decide to do something about your thinning or missing hair, look to Turkey for the best hair transplant clinics. From the moment you have your first meeting with the doctor, your life will be on the path to greater style and less worry.

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Hair Transplant Turkey Results
Turkey Hair Transplant Results
Here are some of our hair transplant results in Turkey from latest operations performed at our clinic.

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