Hair transplant surgery costs across the globe

20 Jun 2017
Hair transplant surgery costs across the globe

Hair Transplant is a surgical procedure where hair follicles of a person are moved from a part of the body which is called as the donor site towards the bald or the affected area, which is known as the recipient site. Such a procedure is mostly done on men. In simple words hair follicles are transplanted to the bald area. Such a surgical procedure can also be used to restore eyebrows, eye lashes, chest hair and pubic hair. Many people also use this procedure to fill in the scars caused in an accident or a surgery. People these days are more running towards such a procedure as more people are suffering from similar problems related to hair loss. Treatment costs in the West is high due to which many patients are forced to look for help abroad. Some of the countries like Turkey, Mexico, Thailand have much cheaper rates. Here are a few countries across the globe where the hair transplant costs are minimum and satisfactory too.


Apart from being a great tourists spot, Turkey also offers hair transplant procedures with new equipments and procedures, when compared to the rest of the world. The surgical procedures are not just of the top quality but also fit in to the budget. Several places in the country make use of the FUE method for getting a desirable result.


Hair Transplants in Mexico are meant for the region and travelers who visit the land as they can save up to 70 percent in costs. Doctors here give special attention to the patients to treat thinning, balding or hair loss problem. The doctors here make use of the FUE method and are known for their skills and techniques which offer natural results for the patients.


India is also slowly progressing in terms of hair transplant surgeries and treatments. The population in India is ever increasing and more and more people are slowly getting drawn towards hair transplant treatments in men as well as women. The hair transplant market is expected to grow more than 25% especially in some of the metro cities like Delhi, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai and Bangalore.

Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is also one of the popular places for such hair transplant procedures. The place is known for having some of the top facilities abroad at lower cost. Apart from treatments, the country is also known for beautiful islands which can also be a good place for a getaway.


Sweden is an upcoming market for hair transplant procedures; however the rate of tourists entering the country for the procedure is not that large.


Even the European market is considered as a good place for hair transplant treatments. Figures say that about 54,343 hair restoration procedures were conducted in 2013. Greece is a good place as doctors offer different treatments for different prices. So here a research is a must.


It can be said that Thailand is one of the best places for hair transplant in the world as people visit the country mostly for getting such treatments at reasonable costs.

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