Hair Transplant Cost in Istanbul

20 Jun 2017
Hair Transplant Cost in Istanbul

One of the most popular procedures in the medical tourism industry is a hair transplant. This is where hair follicles are taken from the scalp of a person and are then transplanted to where the hair appears to be thinning, or has disappeared all together. The costs of this procedure throughout Europe is incredibly expensive, this is why many people have decided to head to countries such as Turkey in order to have it carried out.

Turkey provides one of the cheapest hair restoration procedures. In fact, the hair transplant cost in Istanbul is less than 25% of the cost that it would be elsewhere in Europe. This saving isn’t just for hair restoration either; most medical and cosmetic procedures are also places where huge savings can be made.

The cost of a hair transplant in Europe can range anywhere from five thousand to twenty thousand dollars, this depends on how much hair actually needs to be replanted. In Istanbul you can expect the same procedure to be anywhere from $2000-$5000, a considerable savings. You may think that this could be in rather lacklustre facilities, but that isn’t true. For your money you will be booked into some of the best clinics in the country, under the watchful eye of  some of the best plastic surgeons, your whole stay will be like staying in a five star hotel. Perhaps the only disadvantage of having treatment in Turkey is that you are unable to see your doctor before your consultation, or may be you will not be covered under your medical insurance.

Many people realise that getting a medical cosmetic procedure in Istanbul isn’t that bad, after all, there has to be some good Turkish doctors around. Many people have also realised that the cost of a hair transplant is just too expensive for a wage earner in Europe.

Whatever the reason is, if you can not afford it then Turkey is always a viable option if you have a budget of less than five thousand dollars for your hair transplant. The doctors that you are going to get are highly experienced, in fact, many of the top plastic surgeons in Istanbul have handled much more delicate operations, for example heart surgery, transplants and some cancer treatments. On top of all of this, you will get some of the most personal care in the world, and a fantastic sightseeing opportunity accompanies by your doctor after the procedure.

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