Guidelines for recuperating after hair transplant

24 Nov 2017
Guidelines for recuperating after hair transplant

Hair transplant is an effective way to eliminate baldness and improve your look and attractiveness. While you will be given sufficient support before and during the surgical procedure, the duty of recuperating afterwards is often your sole responsibility. Here are effective guidelines for recuperating after hair transplant:

Sleep with your head in a raised position

One guideline for recuperating after hair transplant is to sleep with your head in a raised position. This is a requirement to encourage easy blood movement from the scalp. Your head requires a lot of care immediately after surgery because your scalp and follicles are sensitive and susceptible to infections and injury.  It becomes imperative for the recipient of the treatment to avoid tilting forward. While this is an easy task to accomplish during the day, it is a totally different scenario while asleep at night. To overcome this challenge, you will have to raise your head with a pillow. This is an effective way to avoid inflammation, skin reactions and injury.

Avoid washing  your head immediately

While there is a strong impulse to wash your head immediately, it comes highly recommended that you refrain from doing so.  After surgery, you are required to abstain from washing for a period no less than two days. Following the two day break from washing, you will be required to wash hair with mild soap and warm water.  The goal of this is to avoid encrusted hair and injury patches from forming on your scalp. This pattern should continue for 2 weeks after which a great deal of caution is still required.

Do not put excessive force on grafts

Sometimes, inflammation and injuries on grafts are inevitable. In such situations, it is expected that you apply a little bit of force on the area with a clean cloth. It is important to stress that wiping the area is not an option as this could cause reactions and injuries. Remember that injuries and inflammation are sometimes unavoidable but it should be managed by applying very little force on the scalp.

Use your drugs as instructed by experts

It is expected that injuries may appear after undergoing surgery.  This is why it is imperative to your drugs as instructed by experts.  The goal of this is to lower the frequency and severity of skin reactions. While it is common practice to refrain from rubbing your scalp even when it itches, this task may prove impossible if you don’t use your drugs as instructed by experts.

Adhere to various  instructions issued by medical experts

It is customary that your operating surgeon will give specific and general instructions on how to prevent any complications after the surgery. It is recommended that you should be vocal and make inquiries about what actions to take and what actions to avoid after surgery.  Your operating surgeon has adequate insight into the possible complications that could emerge after the surgery is completed. Therefore, it is imperative that you adhere to all of the instructions issued by medical experts in order to avoid any complications.

Do not engage in stressful operations

It is imperative that you do not engage in any stressful operations or undertakings that cause a spike in your pulse. Having seven days of uninterrupted rest is crucial for recuperating. Recipients of hair transplant should be cautious about engaging in operations that causes scraping of the scalp. Failure to do so will mean that the graft will be injured and this will affect the entire procedure negatively.

Improve your nutrition for accelerated recuperation

A fundamental requirement for fast recuperation is eating the right food. When your nutrition is great, you will naturally experience accelerated recuperation. It is advisable that you avoid alcohol consumption as this could trigger excessive bleeding. Vegetables and proteins will encourage tissue growth and support fast healing.

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