Can you Trust a Hair Transplant Surgeon?

15 Apr 2018
Can you Trust a Hair Transplant Surgeon?

A hair transplant patient must have a lot of trust in the surgeon who is going to be working on their scalp to deliver the promised results; taking a number of hair follicles known as grafts and using them create a dense and full head of hair. Given that many hair transplant surgeons will charge per graft, every patient must trust their physician to transplant exactly how much they paid for. How can a patient be sure that they get what they’ve paid for?

It’s practically impossible to double check that you’re getting what you pay for unfortunately. Not unless you have someone else with you that can count all the grafts for you under magnification. It’s just not practical to count each graft on the scalp and it’s impossible for them to be counted when the procedure is done. Given that you can’t very well double check the procedure was done properly, your best bet is to choose a physician based on their reputation. Find one that is praised by both their patients and colleagues.

Choosing the Right Hair Transplant Surgeon

Hair transplants these days are so natural looking even a professional hair stylist can’t tell you’ve had work done. You should still be careful though, as the results can vary based on the skill and experience of the hair restoration surgeon. Given that an important factor on the success and quality of surgery is choosing the right surgeon, we’ve put together these tips on researching, interviewing, and choosing the right hair transplant surgeon.


One problem with hair transplants is that the industry isn’t very well regulated. That means that men and women interested in hair restoration surgery are left having to do all the research for themselves. They have to look into the benefits, risks, and limitations of hair restoration surgery and be sure that they choose a physician with the necessary experience and skills to deliver their desired results.

Making an Informed Decision

While it can be difficult to live with hair loss, you must make an informed decision based on what you know about a surgeon and what they know about the procedure rather than emotions.

Use the Internet

The internet is one of your best friends when it comes to finding information. Don’t forget that you shouldn’t believe everything you read though, especially online.

Choose a Doctor Based on the Skill and Experience

Choose a physician based on their skills and experience level. You want a physician that has consistently proven themselves to be able to create natural looking results. Making cost and proximity the main factors when choosing a hair transplant surgeon will only lead to disaster.

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