Before deciding Hair Transplant Center in Istanbul

20 Jun 2017
Before deciding Hair Transplant Center in Istanbul

Deciding to have a hair transplant is a huge decision. Not only will it improve your appearance and level of confidence, but you will also have to consider the financial commitment of such treatment. One of the first things you will need to decide when having a hair transplantation in Istanbul is to decide which clinic to use.

Talk with hair transplantation clinics and meet with the doctors

It is suggested that you visit clinics for a consultation. Meeting with the doctors can be incredibly challenging, but you should insist on meeting your doctor at least once during the planning stages of your surgery.

Ask for examples

You should always ask to see examples of previous work, in fact, it is imperative that you do. You should always make sure that these pictures are actually operations your surgeon has carried out.

Do not let costs be the deciding factor

Many people are tempted to choose their hair transplant center in Istanbul by cost, you should not let this be the deciding factor. It is true that some centers in Istanbul are cheaper than others, it does not however mean that you are going to get quality results from the cheaper centers. If your transplant goes wrong then it will be painful and expensive to correct it, therefore you will want to get it right at the first time. The best way to choose hair transplant clinic in Istanbul is either by recommendations or looking at the capability of the people that work there. This is going to minimize the risk substantially.

Ask questions

You should always have a selection of questions ready to ask during your initial consultion. Not only to get an idea of the talents of the particular surgeon, but to also give you an idea about everything you need to know. This includes costs, results and how long the recovery time is expected to be.

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