Going Back to Work After a Hair Transplant in Turkey

28 Apr 2018
Going Back to Work After a Hair Transplant in Turkey

At the Este Turkey Hair Transplant Clinic, we provide the popular FUE hair transplant treatment.  A new tech harvesting device is used to harvest individual hair follicles and after that these follicles are prepared under a lense ready to be transplanted to a different part of the scalp. Hair transplant doctor will puncture the head and place the each hair follicles in at an angle as well as density to imitate natural hair growth to create a ideal hair growth structure.

The decision to return to work after a hair transplant in Turkey, relies on how a patient may feel about fellow workers knowing that she or he had a hair transplant. Frequently patients ask about during their consultation when they can go back their work.

Returning to work following a hair transplant surgery can differ from patient to patient and also the harvesting method used. With the FUT harvesting method, if you are able to wear a cap, then great news, you can go back to work the following day. On the other hand, if you can not wear a cap and don't want to co-workers understand that you had a hair transplant, we suggest being off work 1-2 weeks.

In case you are looking at the FUE hair transplant in Turkey, the donor area will be shaved very close to the scalp. With this technique, post-operation visibility in the donor site will be minimized after 1 week. The recipient area becomes normal the same whether or not you are having an FUE hair transplant or FUT. If you don't feel comfortable wearing a cap to hide the donor area after your FUE hair transplant operation, then we suggest being off work for around 1 week.

For ideal results and quicker healing, follow our post-operative guidelines and come into our clinic the next day after your hair transplant surgery to have your head washed by our trained assistants. Post operative instructions are quite straightforward, and our medical team will explain the most crucial elements like when and how to wash your head.

What suggestions do you have for going back to work after a hair transplant?

As stated before, we recommend our patients to take 1-2 weeks off work, this may change according to your operation and healing characteristics.

You should take some time off of work to be able to relax and rest and give yourself time for transplanted area to heal. If you are feeling well there is absolutely no reason that you can not return to work after a day or two of your hair transplant operation. However if your work is intense and needs heavy lifting etc. then it is advisable to stay off work.

We understand how critical it is for our patients to have a realistic schedule on when they can go back to work. Our patient coordinators will help you for the proper schedule.

Our medical team will help you from the time you come to our clinic for consultation until your first day back again at your workplace after the hair transplant operation.

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