Do hair transplants work?

05 Jan 2019

Hair transplants are usually better when compared to medical hair transplantation products. But there are several things to consider.

Around 80 percent of transplanted hair will fully grow back in around three to four months.

Just like the regular hair, transplanted hair may thin over time.

Hair transplants don’t recommended for everyone.

Especially hair transplant operations performed for restoring the hair if you you are bald or thinning naturally or have lost hair because of an injury.

Listed below are five positive factors to remember.

Better Looks

A lot of people who deal with hair loss problems. Sometimes they say, they don't like the person they see in the mirror.  That a sense of being unpleasant due to your hair is thin, or maybe non existent. This feeling disappears with a hair transplant because you are actually changing that bald area with hair which make you feel appealing as well as  young once again.

A Permanent Solution

Unlike topical or medical remedies that say they might help grow your hair back, a hair transplant is permanent and effective.

Gaining Confidence

With a hair transplant operation, people have hair growing again in the bald regions, not just they are starting to like what they see again in the mirror, but also hair transplant contributes to improved self esteem, self confidence and far better lifestyle generally.

Cost Savings

Although hair transplants are more expensive when compared to buying a gimmick medicine from a drugstore, the reality is those remedies have to be bought too many times. Over time, the actual medical procedure is saving more money than what you are paying for remedies again and again.

A Natural Appearance

Due to developments in medical technology and hair transplant techniques, doctors have been able to perfect their craft and they are producing natural looking hair transplant results.

How does a hair transplant work?

Basically, a hair transplant surgeon harvests hair you have and put it to an region where you have no hair. Most of the time it is taken from the back of your head.

Before starting an hair transplant operation, our surgeon sterilizes the region where the hair will be taken and numbs it by using a local anesthetic.


Hair transplant operation may take several hours to several days to complete. You will go back home the same day after operation.

After surgery is done, medical assistants carefully removes any bandages.

You will probably feel a little bit soreness at the transplant region as well as in the donor area.

Will a hair transplant leave a scar?

If you go for FUE type of hair transplant surgery shouldn’t leave a scar. If you wish to keep your hair short then it is most likely the better option. 

FUT operation is likely to leave a scar on the donor region.

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