Four things you discover after you have a hair transplant

25 Jan 2019
Four things you discover after you have a hair transplant

Having a hair transplant is a big thing and it is not a easy decision. We have got several things you are going to discover after a FUE hair transplant.

1 Only a few people truly know what a hair transplant is;

Right after your hair transplant, you begin to tell people that you have had the operation you will soon find out not so many people actually know what a hair transplant is.

You might hear some questions like "where they take the hair? from your chest and reattach it to your head?" "do they take hair from another person’s scalp?"

After you tell them that the operation involves lots of hair follicles being taken out, and after that implated on to the region where you had no hair or thinning hair, they may totally amazed and surprised.

2 It works much better than you think

Before your transplant operation, it is difficult imagine how will look like and how good your transplant will be. During the consultation with our doctor, we will discuss how to design a new hairline and talk about the density that we can achieve. Even though detailed discussion it can be hard to imagine how your hair will look like.

Generally our patients tell us they did not expect hair transplant result to be this good.

3 It is life changing experience

Think about you have been obese for a long time, and then over night you shed lots of fat and get a six-pack. You will want to parade your sexy new body right? Getting the chance to have a full head of hair again is going to give your confidence back and will improve your self esteem.

4 You need to have done it earlier

Soon after you have had your hair transplant and you have seen how fine your results are and your only dissapoinment will be not having it done earlier. You are going to be so satisfied with your results you will wish you did it years ago.

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