Can we fix inaccurate hair transplants?

20 Jun 2017
Can we fix inaccurate hair transplants?

Hair transplants have a long history. Unlike earlier, modern hair transplant surgeries have improved a lot. Therefore, the accuracy and the effectiveness of modern hair transplant are higher than early surgeries. During earlier surgeries, what they did was planting hair on bald places of the head. Hence, those transplants gave an unnatural look to the head. However, modern surgeons have the ability to fix those errors in early transplants and give whatever appearance you like. If you have such issues, follow these steps to fix those errors.

Contact a hair transplant doctor who has experience in fixing errors of previous surgeries. He or she will guide you to correct your transplanting issues by recommendations. When selecting a surgeon, make sure to check his previous works. You can ask for some photographs of previous surgeries.

There may be several options available to fix your hair. So, discuss all of them with your surgeon. He will guide you to get the best and possible treatment.

Discuss about the cost incur to the surgery with your surgeon. You may have to spend more money to fix errors of your hair transplant than doing it from scratch. If you have tight budgets, but want to do the surgery, tell it to your doctor. He will assist you to search suitable financial plan.

Get thorough knowledge about post-operative treatments. Make sure to follow all of them to keep your new transplant in a good condition.

It is better if you can arrange multiple surgeries to fix transplanting errors. Based on the location and time that your previous treatment performed, your scalp need some heal before face to another surgery. Discuss this matter with your surgeon and he will arrange your surgeries based on the condition of your scalp.

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