Side Effects of Hair Transplant

20 Jun 2017
Side Effects of Hair Transplant

Hair transplant is very popular among the people around the world who lose their hair. This is also a popular form of surgery in Turkey, as well. Many people get wonderful appearances to their heads through hair transplant in Turkey.

There can be some side effects of hair transplant. Those side effects are not severe, and they are situations and signs that can be handled simply. Even simple treatments can give the reliefs to those side effects and difficulties occur.

After a hair transplant surgery, any person can experience adverse reactions. However, those are not very serious issues, and most of them are discomforts, mild headaches, and slight pains.

The severity of hair transplant side effects

Most of the side effects that occurred through hair transplant are not serious ones. However, we should give some kind of attentions on those even they are negligible. Side effects are not happening accidently. Generally, they give some evidence about reactions of the body, as well as the success of the hair transplant surgery.

It is very difficult to identify the accomplishment of the operation if there are no side effects. Normally, side effect should be available such as thinning when transplant hair follicles. Most of them are not adverse effects and people who face for hair transplant surgeries should have the ability to understand the situation by identifying normal side effects and by distinguishing side effects from heath problems. Apart from those, they should also take necessary actions to avoid those side effects and report the surgeon if health issue occurs from the surgery.

Side effects that can be occurred physically after a hair transplant

There are some side effects that can be occurred after a surgery of hair transplant. We are going to discuss about those side effects in detail. Because knowing about these effects are very useful for a patient who faces for a turkey hair transplant surgery.

Shock loss

Shock loss is a condition that losing newly planted hair and hair already available near the transplanted hair. This is a temporary side effect and hair will grow on those areas again. Patients should not get unnecessary fear on shock loss because this is one of the common side effects that arise after a hair transplant surgery.


When scabs start to grow, itchiness can be occurred. Sufferers are advised not the scratch their head hardly as it can annoy the area and cause discoloration. However, if one can no more keep the itchiness, rubbing the head is beneficial.

Mild swelling

This is another normal side effect that occurs after a turkey hair transplant surgery. Swelling can be happened on eyes and foreheads of patients. This happens because of the reaction of body immune system. However, it is important to keep your eyes on swelling because if it grows unusually and remain for a longer period of time, you must inform it to the surgeon.

Numbness of scalp

Patient can experience some numbness on his scalp after the surgery. This is a temporary situation and will reduce the numbness after some time.

Mild headaches

This is a normal side effect that occurs after the surgery and doctors prescribe some medicines for this. Headache comes due to the sudden changes happened to the scalp because of the hair transplant.


Scars can be occurred due to the changes happen to the skin. You can easily neglect tiny scars, but need to get treatments if scars convert into keloids.

Lumps and bumps

These can be happened due to the negligence during the surgery. Normally, lumps and bumps occur because of damaged hair follicles. Sometimes, they occur due to the deep plants. These effects can be avoided through a careful surgery.

Side effects that can be occurred psychosocially after a hair transplant

After a hair transplant surgery, not only physical side effects, but also psychosocial side effects can be seen. Even physical side effects make negative impacts; psychosocial side effects that come with those physical side effects make some positive impacts to the person. A study, which was conducted to study the impacts of psychosocial effects, showed that most of the psychosocial side effects positively affect to change the life of the person, who lost his hair.

This result was discussed in 15th Annual Meeting of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery, as well. It was presented by a hair surgeon named Dr. Parsa Mohebi. For this study, people who faced to hair transplant surgeries have been taken as the sample. During the study, different types of psychosocial indicators have been considered like levels of youthfulness, fretfulness, liveliness, happiness, confident and attitude towards the future. Study showed that many negative effects like depression, lack of confidence, social isolation of people who face hair loss avoids due to hair transplant surgeries.

This study is a great evidence to show that hair transplant cause to improve psychological aspects of people who victim in hair loses.

Risk associate with hair transplant and methods to identify them

People, who live uncomfortable due to hair loses, attend to do hair transplant surgeries. However, hair transplant surgeries have been improved lot, not like earlier. Therefore, a hair transplant surgery can bring you to your younger age back. It is very difficult to identify any artificialness of modern hair transplant. However, it is important to know about risks associate with these surgeries before attempt to them.

Before decide to do a surgery, make sure to discuss about it with your physician who do primary treatments for your hair loss. If there are many options available to treat, you can get the help of your physician to identify the most suitable treatment. He will help you to identify the risk associates with hair transplant surgery, as well.

You can also get the help of a hair transplant surgeon to learn about the risk that a transplant surgery has. It is better if you can meet a surgeon prior to the surgery and allow him to check your condition. This is one of the best ways to know about the risk you have.

Discuss about the outcomes of your surgery with your hair transplant surgeon. It will help you to identify the degree of risk you have, and the cost incur with the surgery to eliminate those risks.

It is important to trace the rate of loosing hair before the surgery as well as after the surgery. If you cannot see any difference of loosing hair, it is better to do additional hair transplant surgery because it can cause to show patches in your head. However, the decision is with yours.

Another important thing is following instructions given by the surgeon. He will give you some post-operative advice to follow such as methods of washing the hair, methods of covering transplanted hair from sunlight etc. you should follow those instructions correctly. Otherwise, risk can be increased.

Compare different treatments available for hair loses with hair transplant. Compare costs, risks associated with surgeries, effectiveness and time frames with each others. Your decision should solely depend on the inputs that are provided by your doctor.

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