Hair Transplants in Turkey Offer a Solution To Male Pattern Baldness

20 Jun 2017
Hair Transplants in Turkey Offer a Solution To Male Pattern Baldness

Male pattern baldness is a serious medical condition that affects over 60% of men around the world, but it doesn’t have to. There are techniques available that can reverse the effects of male pattern baldness using real human hair taken from other parts of your body. Hair transplants in Turkey have become a popular option for aging European men who are looking to make a change, due to the lower costs and simplicity of the operation.

How does it work?

Hair transplants are done using a procedure known as follicular unit extraction. As it sounds, this literally involves extracting hair from one part of your body, and transplanting it to where it’s needed. After all, we all have areas of the body where there’s hair that’s not required. it can be your chest, back, legs, or the back of your head, where the loss wouldn’t be as noticeable.

The hair grafts are extracted using a special tool that creates a series of tiny insertions, under 1 millimetre deep. After that, the hair will grow as if it was always there. In Turkey hair transplants are a simple procedure, often only requiring a single treatment. Sometimes, the treatment will be extended over two sessions, especially if there’s a lot of hair to transplant but this second treatment will normally be done the next day, meaning it is still only requires a single trip.

Where do I go?

Because of the popularity of hair transplant in Turkey, more and more clinics are popping up around the country every day. However, not all of these clinics operate with the same standards of sanitation and medical expertise. Remember that a hair transplant in Turkey is a medical procedure, and must be performed by a qualified professional. It involves anesthesia, which, if improperly administered, can mean the patient experiences pain that they don’t have to, and can even have worse side effects. Some clinics operate out of apartment buildings and offices, which may not be as clean as they should be, leaving infection as a very real possibility. In addition, some facilities use outdated equipment and procedures, which may mean you don’t get the full, rich head of hair that you deserve.

Choose a clinic with a licensed, experienced surgeon working in a hospital or private clinic. Ask for references and testimonials to be sure you get the best possible hair transplant in Turkey.

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