Appearance of Hair Transplant

03 May 2018
Appearance of Hair Transplant

A hair transplantation process can be awful when everyone is able to understand it is a hair transplant. The unequal, patchy result of the pluggy grafts happens when large grafts are being used, plus the area between the grafts are huge. That causes a difference between the hairless skin and the hair spread over the top of scalp, is resulting unwanted dolls head design.

Common hair transplants also create little modifications in the skin. Because of large grafts, the top of transplanted skin might not be aligned with the surface area of the scalp, resulting minor issues when they recover. Large grafts can also cause white colored scar appearance which can be permanent. As the graft size minimizes, these kinds of issues turn into much less noticeable. However with follicular units, these surface area issues can be totally eliminated. But the usage of really small grafts may cause hair transplants appear unnatural. Hairline positioning as well as, appropriate hair direction are actually crucial to the natural end result of the operation and to accomplish natural results with overall excellence is possessed by only a skilled hair transplantation doctors.


The pattern and placement of the hairline are probably the most important visual element of the hair transplantation. Some doctors design the same looking hairline in each patient. But the truth is, natural hairlines differ significantly from one patient to another. The hair transplant doctor has to be aware of the range of variations that often occur and change each hairline according to the patient’s particular facial shapes. Doctor should also remember the fact that, as the person ages his or her facial features will transform but the hairline will be permanent.

Issues can happen when over demanding individuals or aggressive surgeons position the hairline very low on the forehead. Even though it is very important that the individual is important in decision making, about the positioning and design of the hairline but it's up to the doctor to guide the patient to make sure that the operation will appear natural, today and forever.

Hair Variations

Particular types of hair can be more common in some individual groups. Realizing these kinds of features can be crucial for the results. African hair is curly. This feature causes hair transplant operation produce among the best results in hair restoration, but the operation should be performed with care to prevent harm to the curved hair follicles.

Asian hair is black color, rough and also straight, which makes it crucial that a deep zone of grafts should be used at the hairline to guarantee a natural appearance. 

Only using natural individual follicular units will certainly create natural results with all hair types and skin kinds.

Hair grows in various directions around the head. Hair in the front side and the top surface of the scalp grows mostly forward. Hair behind of the head grows downwards. Hair on the sides grows away from middle. Where the hair changes it's direction from the forward to the back is known as the vertex transition point. When planning the hair transplant operation, doctor must have a knowledge of such natural growth models, hair style choices, and how hair will look when hair is groomed. A comprehensive knowledge of each of the nuances of the several hair features and patterns that patient may have is important in creating excellent hair transplant results.

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