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Will the FUE hair transplant look fake?

Will it look like hair plugs? I’m worried about people making fun of me. We all know that hair plugs are kind of obvious. Is one of the benefits of FUE that the result is more subtle? Will people be able to tell I’ve had the procedure done?

Jonathan Palmer, United Kingdom See Answer

Is it okay to have an FUE hair transplant with low levels of Vitamin D and B12?

I’m contemplating having an FUE hair transplant performed because I have Type 3 stage baldness. The problem is that I have low levels of vitamin B and D. Will I be able to have the procedure or should I improve my vitamin levels first?

Pablo Lorenzo, Spain See Answer

How common is shock loss in donor hair after an FUE hair transplant?

I’m wondering how common shock loss is with the donor area and if there’s any chance of permanent hair loss after an FUE hair transplant?

Carlo Marino, Italy See Answer

Are there side effects to an FUE hair transplant?

Will there be serious side effects that might cause a health problem or disease such as cancer?

Filip Adamczyk, Poland See Answer
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