Hair Transplant Cost In Turkey

Hair transplant cost in Turkey is dependent on a variety of factors. However, most patients opt more for doctors with lots of experience and outstanding successes. Turkey is prominent for numerous successful and superior hair transplants. An article published by the Independent newspaper reviews that Turkey has a hair transplant industry worth over 1 Billion Dollar.

How much hair transplant cost in Turkey?

How much does a hair transplantation cost in Turkey?

If you have been considering undergoing a hair transplant surgery, then you must have noticed the exorbitant price associated with such complicated surgery. In the United Kingdom and the United States, hair transplant cost starts at €4500. The price varies according to the amount of hair that is going to be transplanted and can cost up to €20000. However, our hair transplant cost in Turkey starts at €1800 to €4500 making it one of the major reasons why foreigners prefer undergoing their numerous hair transplant surgeries in Turkey. Since 2005, over 15,000 hair transplant surgeries have been performed at Este Turkey Hair Transplant Clinic.

Some clinics may even give you a numerical information without examining you and say that it is the standard cost. In hair transplantation, you can't have a standard cost, because every patient’s head and hair is different.

Currently, hair transplant costs are starting from €1800.

What does the hair transplant cost cover?

Our hair transplantation cost covers airport transfers, hotel accommodation (luxury hotel), clinic transfers and PRP therapy. However, our price does not cover flights to Istanbul.

Hair transplant operation in our clinic

We make use of the latest medical equipment and techniques. Our clinic is completely hygienic and all our assistants have completed their medical training with numerous years of hair transplantation experience.

Video: Hair Transplant Operation

Quick operation overview video about hair transplantation.

Are there additional costs?

Although we include transportation, accommodation, PRP therapy and medication to your fee, it’s always advisable to come with some additional funds.

How can I book an appointment?

All you need to do is to book your plane ticket at a date and time convenient to you. Book a flight that will be headed for Ataturk International Airport, after which you send us a copy of your flight information to enable us to arrange to meet you up at the Airport and to book a hotel prior your arrival.

Este Turkey Clinic

Este Turkey Hair Transplant Clinic

We do our best to provide effective, caring and professional services for our patients.

Certificated ISHRS Member Surgeon

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Dr. Aslan is a board certificated surgeon, works under the laws of the Republic of Turkey.

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Best Hair Transplant Doctor in Turkey
Best Hair Transplant Doctor in Turkey
Our doctor has local and international certificates to perform hair transplant operations.

Phases of hair transplantation in Turkey

  • Contacting Us: You can contact us by filling the contact form in our website, maililing us or calling us from +90 544 770 1890.
  • Obtaining Information: You can get information about anything by asking any questions to our English speaking patient coordinator.
  • Photo: To advise you about your operation and give some valuable information about hair transplantation we need your head photos (Top of your head, Back of your head, Front of your head), which you can email to us.
  • Conclusion: We will send you price offers, clinic information and accommodation information along with the doctor's advice.
  • Reservation: Check in with our patient coordinator for the date and time and make a reservation.
  • Arrival to Turkey: You will be welcomed with our friendly driver once you arrive to Turkey and you will be put to your hotel.
  • Meeting & Operations: You will be taken to the hair transplantation clinic when the operation time comes by our friendly driver. After you met with the doctor and other team who will carry out the operation and you will be informed about the operation.
  • Relaxation and Travel: You can relax in your hotel in the operation process and if you want, you can have an Istanbul city tour and do shopping perhaps.
  • Back to Your Country: You will be taken from your hotel by our driver and we can assure you that you will be in the airport 2 hours before your flight.

How long will it take to see hair transplant results?

After the first two weeks, your hair might fall off. This is normal and no need to worry about. In one year, you will have a full-blown hair.

Transportation, Accommodation And Hotels

Hotels we work with.

We will welcome you in the airport once you arrive and we provide local transportation with our modern vehicles with our friendly drivers. During your presence in Turkey, you can spend your time with comfortable and relaxed way with the hotels we work together. All these services included in the cost of hair transplantation in Turkey.

Please don't forget that, according to Turkey health laws, hair transplant surgeries can only be performed by an Aesthetic, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons. Our doctor is fully registered with the Turkish Medical Association and has a certificate granted by the Turkish Society of Plastic Reconstructive, and Aesthetic Surgery. He is a member of International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS).

There are lots of hair transplant clinics located in Turkey, but only a few are poised to provide quality and outstanding hair transplant results to their patients.

Send us a message to get more detailed information and learn the exact hair transplant cost. Current hair transplant prices are for a limited time only.

Choosing the right hair transplant doctor in Turkey.

Our guide to choosing a hair transplant surgeon can give you some advice about how to choose hair transplant doctor in Turkey. You can watch informative videos by our doctor or can get more detailed information about him by clicking the links below.

Informative videos about hair transplantation

Choosing a hair transplant doctor

One of the best hair transplant doctors in Turkey

Benefits and Advantages of FUE

  • The area above the ears may be used as a donor site, in addition to or instead of the nape of the neck (which is the traditional donor site for hair transplants). This is advantageous because the hair at the nape of the neck sometimes has a different texture than the hair elsewhere on the head.
  • Hair follicles are extracted using a micro-motor, which allows the transplant surgeon to gather more follicles in less time and enables faster recovery at the donor site.
  • In a single transplantation session, more than 4,000 grafts can be transplanted.
  • Each hair follicle is removed individually, which means the transplantation procedure is painless and does not require stitches afterward.
  • Since FUE is a micro-graft transplantation technique, it leaves no scars, and the area can recover very quickly.
  • The patient can return to his normal life the day after the procedure.
  • While traditional hair transplant procedures have side effects such as swelling around the eyes and a puffy appearance on the brow, FUE does not have these effects.
  • Within a week of the procedure, all visible signs of the transplant will be completely gone.
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Hair Transplant Turkey Results
Turkey Hair Transplant Results
Here are some of our hair transplant results in Turkey from latest operations performed at our clinic.

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