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Este Turkey is among the first hair transplant clinic in Turkey to perform hair transplants using the Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) techniques. Due to its high success rate and professional medical staff, Este Turkey has been the surgical center of choice for medical guests from 51 countries.

Why Este Turkey Hair Transplant Clinic?

Este Turkey is one of the largest providers in the fields of cosmetic surgery and hair restoration. Its high-tech hair restoration techniques, corporate culture, professional administration, and experienced hair restoration specialists give Este Turkey its competitive edge.

Our Medical Team’s Experience and Quality

At Este Turkey, expert plastic surgeons perform all of our surgical procedures. Este Turkey hair transplant clinic was founded in 2004, and in the eight years since then, we have performed more than 15,000 successful hair restoration procedures.

Our experienced physician and our team of medical professionals who specialize in hair restoration provide effective, hospitable services to thousands of patients every year.

Our physicians always attend international conferences and meetings, and are frequently presenters. The topics they present range from research and development results to the best practices at Este Turkey. They continuously contribute to the development of the science of hair restoration by creating presentations, giving workshops, and producing medical literature.

Short interview with our patient from Italy after his hair transplant operation.

High-Quality Hair Restoration Procedures

After determining the best transplantation technique for you, our plastic surgeons and experienced medical team members perform your hair restoration procedure with great care and attention, holding themselves to very high standards. To ensure natural-looking results, Este Turkey only uses high-quality technical equipment designed specifically for hair restoration.

Continuous Research and Development for Better Results

Este Turkey’s Research and Development (R&D) team continuously strives to achieve better results and offer better treatments for hereditary hair loss to medical guests


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Here are some of our hair transplant results in Turkey from latest operations performed at our clinic.

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